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Creating a Fun Place to Dine

By Rebecca L. Ferguson |  Photo by Jennifer Cronin


You have to have the belief in yourself to succeed and that’s what this family has.”- Jerry Gallipeau

It would be more than fair to say that Gail Gallipeau does not shy away from pursuing her interests and a lot of hard work. Maintaining a full time job, being the primary caretaker for her mother and co-owner of BLU Bar & Grill, Gallipeau does it all with an eagerness to learn.

This isn’t the usual story behind opening a restaurant, however, it is a story about a local family who shares a commitment and pride to their community as well as a palpable love for cooking and family.
It was only about ten years ago that Gallipeau found her husband taking on a real curiosity in the kitchen but, beyond the curiosity was a natural talent to play around with recipes, create new sauces and execute an outstanding meal. Sunday dinners began to grow bigger with their family and friends, and with strong prompting from their supporters, the Gallipeau family took a leap of faith to start their own bar and grill.

The vision was clear; to provide excellent food in an atmosphere inviting to everyone, a place to bring your family, have business meetings or host an event. With generous space and endless possibilities, BLU Bar & Grill opened their doors in November of 2012 on Pixley Road in Gates, NY. Today, there are two full service bars in the main dining area, plenty of open seating and a beautiful outdoor patio; not to mention a private party room on the lower level also equipped with a full service bar.

“It was important for us to have our business in Gates. This is our home, our community and the place our son went to school,” says Gallipeau.

Transitioning from their family owned and operated construction company to being sole owners in the food and beverage industry, has proved to be both rewarding and challenging. Gallipeau explains, “We are where we are because we have fought and struggled.” Knowing there would be a large learning curve, she continues, “we make ourselves accessible to our guests and we want the feedback…we welcome the challenges as an opportunity to grow. Our customers keep us going and continue to inspire us in our work.”

Gallipeau was very candid and forthcoming, explaining some of the obstacles that she has faced, “I have found that our biggest challenge is the perception we are a fine dining restaurant, with high price tags to follow. BLU is a fun place to be; comfortable and classy, but also affordable…people work really hard and we get that. This is an extension of our home and everyone should feel relaxed so they can enjoy great food, drinks and lots of laughs.”

Keeping with the theme of family, friends and community, BLU is always hopping with a variety of specialty nights, including backyard barbeques with a live D.J. and bike night, to name a few. Along with a variety of in-house fun, BLU has extended their venue to many fund raising events including Willows Warriors, Battered Woman and Children, as well as, BLU goes Orange for Avery.

Each and every fund raising event is personal and the Gallipeau family are both humble and gracious in the manner in which they describe the events, “This is our way to pay it forward and it’s about the cause. We have developed such incredible connections with the community and families in need. We have been able to share our energy, our warmth and arms to so many fighting such enormous battles.”

So, the Gallipeau family extends to the public an open invitation to enjoy your family and friends around their table.

For more information on BLU Bar & Grill, menu options and upcoming events please follow their Facebook page or visit

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